Bulletproof Your Core With The Burner System To Eliminate Aches And Pains In Just 10-Minutes A Day.
5 Signs Your Core Is Weak:
  • Do you suffer from nagging low back, hip or knee pain?
  • Does your lower back take over during ab exercises like Planks and Sit Ups?
  •  Do you have poor posture and tend to slouch?
  • Are your hips constantly tight no matter how much you stretch them?
  •  Do you struggle during balancing movements and to keep your butt down during planks?
If so, you need to change how you're working your core! Because getting a strong core is about more than just 6-pack abs!
Yea...defined abs can be a nice bonus of a proper core training program...

But the goal of ab exercises and core training isn't all about sculpting a six pack...

It's about building a bulletproof core that prevents injury, helps us run faster and lift more!

Because our core includes the musculature between our shoulders and our knees down our frontside AND our backside.

And a strong core is ESSENTIAL if we want to move better and look amazing!

But simply doing more sit ups and crunches isn't the answer. 


You need to take a 3-D approach which is one of the keys to my Burner System to bulletproof your core and eliminate aches and pains.

My name is Cori Lefkowith, owner of Redefining Strength. 

I'm going to share with you why the Burner System works in just 10 minutes and the 2 Core Training Myths holding you back!

But first, let me explain why it's not your lower back's fault...
Why It's Not Your Lower Back's Fault...
I get asked daily...

"My lower back hurts. How do I strengthen it?"

But what if strengthening it isn’t really the issue?

What if working it more won’t fix your problem and may actually make it WORSE!?

Low back aches and pains are one of the most common issues out there. About 80% of the population will at some time or another complain that their low back is “bugging” them.

But working your lower back more is NOT the answer.
Too often we blame our lower backs, and think they are weak, when the problem really is....THEY ARE OVERWORKED!

Our abs and glutes are underactive and not working as they should be, which causes our lower back to pick up the slack and work when it really shouldn't be working.

This is why a proper core training program is so ESSENTIAL. We need to get our abs and glutes engaged and our whole core functioning correctly so we can prevent our low back from becoming overworked.

But the first step isn't just focusing all of our attention on strengthening our low backs. 


It should be on activating the large muscles of our core that should protect our low back and then learning how to get them to fire in sequence through compound and hybrid moves as we twist and turn and move in every plane of motion!
Why Core Strength Is Fundamental!
Building core strength is like building the foundation of your house...

If you don't build a solid foundation, you risk the whole thing collapsing down. 

You can't just rush through laying the concrete and haphazardly put together the frame of the house, placing nails and pieces where ever you'd like! 

You have to follow a plan and build piece by piece so it comes together to function as a unit. 
The same can be said about your core training program.

You can't just throw random exercises together or rush to the advanced moves, thinking you'll get faster results if you work harder, if you haven't built up. 

This is why your core training programs in the past haven't worked and you've even suffered from injury.

You first need to activate THEN you need to get the muscles of your core working together as a team through integration aka compound and hybrid exercises that make you move in every plane of motion!

Remember it is important to build that foundational strength first. You NEED to do the activation.

This base provides structure and safety and can't be overlooked if you want a bulletproof core that will eliminate aches and pains for good!

But before I go into what to do, I want to dispel some common myths that may be perpetuating your pain and causing you NOT to get the strong core you've been trying to work toward...
The 2 Popular Core Training Myths That Are Holding You Back...
MYTH #1: Holding Planks For Longer Is Better
Holding a plank for longer is MEANINGLESS if you aren't using the right muscles.

Have you ever held a plank and felt your low back taking over? 

Or just tried to make it through the minute without focusing on what was working?

Or maybe even consciously tried to CHEAT A LITTLE just so you could hold it as long as needed (maybe even because you're competitive and wanted to beat your workout partner)!?!

The thing is...Holding for longer isn't necessarily better. And heck, it is actually WORSE for you in many cases.
This is where ACTIVATION of the correct muscles comes into play.

Holding planks for SHORTER, but focusing so hard on the right muscles working that you can create muscle SHAKEAGE (this is a very technical term for making your muscles shake from working), gets you way more bang for your buck AND in less time.

When you do planks, your lower back shouldn't be taking over. If it is, you need to regress or reset and get the right muscles working. 

Doing a move, but not using the right muscles to power that move, is what perpetuates poor movement patterns, leads to compensations AND causes injury!

It's what leads to you wasting a ton of time doing "core training" that actually makes your core LESS functionally sound and strong. 

This is why you need activation to get the right muscles working before you then focus on holding correctly and HARDER but for shorter. 

So stop worrying about how long you can hold a plank and instead focus on trying to create some muscle "shakeage" within seconds of engaging your core in the plank position.
MYTH #2: I Need To Work My Abs More For A Stronger Core
Getting your abs working correctly to protect your lower back is key. 

But if you're only focusing on your abs, you are missing working other important muscles of your core that also help create stability and power your movements...

Like for instance...YOUR GLUTES!

Your glutes are an often ignore, but seriously ESSENTIAL, muscle of your core. 

Underactive glutes lead to low back, hip and knee pain. They can be the reason why we end up with hamstring and even Achilles overuse injuries!
Have you heard the term "Anterior Pelvic Tilt?"

It's a very "sexy" term right now...and for good reason. So many people suffer from it and it's due to the fact that we spend way too much time in flexion, making our hips tight and our abs and glutes underactive.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt is often that position you see where people arch their low backs and stick their butts out. Their pelvic is tilted anteriorly or forward.

What this means is that their hips are tight, causing their pelvic to "tilt" forward and their low back to arch. This can cause their hamstrings to become overstretched, their glutes to be inactive and even their core to be unstable. 

Do your hamstrings constantly feel tight no matter how much you stretch? Or maybe you stretch your hips but just never see any lasting improvement?

It's because STRETCHING is just one piece of the puzzle.

If you aren't then getting the right muscles activated and working with a proper core training routine, you'll never correct the real issue!

You need to activate your glutes and then integrate using compound moves to teach the muscles of your core to work as a team.
So What The Heck Really Is Core Training?
Core training...It's so vague. What the heck does it really mean and how do you "bulletproof" your core to eliminate aches and pains?

As I mentioned, a strong and stable core is like building a solid foundation for your house. Your core is what allows the fast and efficient transfer of power between your upper and lower body. 

It is all of the muscles between your shoulders and your knees, down your frontside AND your backside. 

And it is not only these muscles working individually that is important, but also how efficiently they function TOGETHER that is key!
That is why your Core Training program needs to start with Activation. Get the right muscles working!

Then when the right muscles are starting to engage and work correctly, and you've established the mind-body connection, you've got to Integrate! Start making the muscles of your core work together with moves that work your body in every plane of motion.

And to get even faster results out of your core training program, you've got to use HIIT.

HIIT!? High intensity interval training!?


Part of having a strong core means that the muscles of your core can be recruited quickly and efficiently AND endure the demands and stresses we place on them. 

Plus, to get faster results in less time, you have to maximize the time you have to work your core. 

So to get results in just 10 minutes a day, HIIT is key!

And while core training isn't all about getting a six pack, using HIIT can help you start to lean down and get the defined, strong abs you've always wanted!
The Simple 3-Part Burner System:
Activate, Integrate, and HIIT!
You know those moves that look so silly? That require just your bodyweight and even sometimes look like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant or someone humping the air?

Well those silly looking moves are exactly what you need to be doing to activate your glutes and abs and get the muscles of your core engaged and working. 

We need those isolation exercises to help us establish the mind-body connection to muscles that may be underactive due to our modern lifestyle.
AKA we need these moves because all too many of us sit, hunched over a computer all day!

These activation exercises help us focus on the right muscles working so that we can prevent our low backs from becoming overworked!

And the best part is...You don't need any fancy equipment! Bodyweight exercises allow most of us to contract our glutes harder. And studies have even shown that moves done quadruped, prone or even supine often have higher glute activation percentages than standing. 

Plus these moves allow us to isolate the glutes and establish that mind-body connection when we are unable to feel our glutes working during compound exercises aka when we INTEGRATE. 

So...What does this all mean?

It means those silly little moves are the moves you MUST-DO if you want to bulletproof your core and eliminate aches and pains!

It means you've got to start implementing these exercises into your workout routine and use them to open your hips, reverse your constant flexion, activate your glutes and abs and build that mind-body connection!

These "silly" activation moves are the key to improving some of those compound moves you always seem to struggle with!

Ever feel like no matter how much core work you do or how many planks, your side planks never improve? Your hip sags and you can't even dream of doing the Side Plank with Leg Raise?

Well guess what!?!

A little glute activation may be just what you need!

By doing...say...my Core Burner Side Lying Series, you can activate your gluteus medius. And when your glute medius is firing properly, you'll find your side planks start to improve!

But you can only really start to see improvement when you've established that mind-body connection and have the right muscles engaged in the first place!

Once you have those muscles firing, you can then get the muscles of your core working as a team!
Especially when it comes to our abs, we like to think if we just do a ton of targeted moves, we will get results. 

But it doesn't work that way!

A. You can't just work one part of your core and expect results.

B. No amount of crunches is going to lead to a defined OR strong core. Because core strength comes from the communication and effecient recruitment of the muscles of your core TOGETHER to both dynamic stabilize AND create force and movement!
Core strength comes from all of the muscles of our core being activated and working together. That is how we prevent injury.

When our core is strong, we can perform movements properly, stabilize when forces act on us AND use the right muscles efficiently.

This is why INTEGRATION through compound and hybrid moves is so key!

Take for instance a Push Up. This basic bodyweight move is deceptively hard.


Because the muscles of your upper body and core have to work together to lower you down toward the ground in one straight line AND press back up.

Proper and quick communication between the muscles of your core is key to perform a perfect push up! 

But it's something you have to work on! 

And that is why compound and hybrid moves are key after activation. You can take those muscles that are engaged and working and teach them to work together.

By working more muscles at once using these moves too, you can burn more calories and build more strength in less time. This makes it easier to get the strong, defined core you want!

Plus, these compound moves help you build functional strength.

If you want to truly prevent injury, you need to have a strong core as you move in every direction and twist and turn. That means you need to use compound and hybrid moves that strengthen you in every direction.

And to get better results in less time using these compound moves, you need to use HIIT!
#3: HIIT
We all have crazy, busy lives. And fitting in a workout can sometimes be a struggle.

That is why it is essential we get more out of less time. That is why using HIIT or high intensity interval training is KEY!

We need workouts that target our core, work multiple muscle groups at once AND get our blood pumping.

And through HIIT you can combine compound moves, up your intensity and decrease your rest to see results in just 10-minutes.
And not only will HIIT help you burn more calories and build more strength in less time DURING your workout, BUT it will also help you continue to get results AFTER your workout is over.

A. The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn at rest.

And B. Upping the intensity of your workout, even when working out for SHORTER, creates a better AFTER BURN. It's why high intensity for 10 minutes can create the same results as spending hours in the gym!

The After Burn, EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, is basically the calories your body burns to return your body to its previous resting state,

How does it work?

Basically…The harder you workout, the more your body has to work to recover or return to homeostasis after. AKA the higher the intensity of your workout, the more energy you have to expend during the recovery process to return to your resting state.

This means we continue to burn calories even AFTER the workout is over. Hence the name AFTER BURN.

And INTENSITY is the secret to the After Burn, which is why HIIT is so key. 

Through HIIT, you force your body to use not only anaerobic but aerobic pathways to create energy, increasing your oxygen debt.

And there are a number of other ways, besides HIIT, that I help you increase your intensity with my Burner System, including active rest, and integration (aka working more muscles, especially large muscles, at once!)

So are you ready to bulletproof your core in just 10 minutes a day using the 3-Part Burner System!?!
Stop The Pain With The Burner System!
It's often not till we end up injured that we make a change.

But don't wait for an injury to occur.

I suffered a severe hip injury years ago. I was deadlifting close to 300lbs and thought everything must be working correctly if I could lift that much. And I'd never had a problem until all of the sudden....BAM! severe pain and limping around for weeks.

It was then I realized that, while I didn't think I had a problem...I really did.

My glutes weren't activating and my core was weak. 
My body was compensating to lift the weight and, because I was overloading muscles that couldn't and shouldn't handle the load, I ended up injured.

I then had periods of low back pain I just couldn't shake. But I just kept plugging away.

I tried doing more "core work" aka sit ups and crunches...heck, even planks.

But until I realized the 3 part process that was necessary to rebuild my foundation, I was literally just continually rebuilding my house on quicksand.

I'd have a few good weeks, think I was "done rehabbing" and BAM! pain roared it's ugly head.

It's because we can never ignore the basics and we always need to take care of our foundation to keep it strong. Small little tweaks and constant "maintenance work" prevent us from EVER suffering from serious aches and pains again.

It is why I created my 3-Part Burner System and my 28-Day Core Burner Program!

I wanted quick workouts that would bulletproof my core so that I could lift more, run faster and remain injury free.

And the added bonus!? As I was doing my Macro Cycling, I found my core became the most defined it had ever been!

So if you're ready to strengthen your core and eliminate aches and pains for good, it's time to start my 28-Day Core Burner Program!
Are You Ready To Bulletproof Your Core And Eliminate Aches And Pains In Just 10-Minutes A Day?
 Get My 28-Day Core Burner Program!
In my Core Burner Program, I've laid everything out for you. I've tested the workouts and exercises myself and on my clients. 

This is 28 days of workouts that will help you get your core activated and working so you can bulletproof your core from injury and even run faster and lift more!

And while core training isn't all about a six pack, a proper core training program CAN help you define those abs! 

Which is why I use my 3-Part Burner System to get you results in 28-Days. I'll strengthen and work your core from every direction in just 10-minutes a day!
And the best part?

You don't need any equipment!

All of these workouts require just your own bodyweight!

And I'll show you modifications and variations to not only help you work around injury BUT also regress to progress! Because sometimes you need to modify moves to feel the right muscles working so you can get the results you want!

Doing a harder variation just because it's harder may end up causing you to overuse the wrong muscles and perpetuate your pain! With my Core Burner program you'll learn to workout smarter and get the right muscles working for killer results!

So if you're sick of wasting time with your core training program and ready to stop focusing on how long you can hold a plank, it's time to start the 28-Day Core Burner program and build a strong core that will help you avoid injury!
What You'll Get With My 28-Day Core Burner Program...
You want a strong, defined, BULLETPROOF core to prevent pain and injury. You want to run faster and lift more.

BUT you don't necessarily have a ton more time to spend working out. And maybe you even want something quick and easy you can do at home...

That is why I created 10-minute core burner workouts requiring just your own bodyweight. They can be done as part of your current routine, on recovery days or even as a program on their own. 
And they can even be done at home or when you travel! (Actually I LOVE this routine for when I travel because I can stay on track but still not take time out from relaxing!)

All of the routines come in an easy-to-follow e-book you can download to any device. AND the quick review images in the book help remind you of all of the movements in case you forget!

PLUS, if you are new to a move, you have access to a complete exercise library with videos, pictures and written descriptions of all of the moves to help guide you.

And on top of the 28-Day Core Burner Program, I'm going to give you my 5 Bodyweight Booty Burners. These bodyweight glute activation series will isolate and activate your glutes. You'll feel the BURN!

These are the perfect complement to the Core Burners to provide even extra glute activation to help unlock tight hips. Because the glutes are an ESSENTIAL part of your core and activating them is key to preventing low back, hip and knee pain!

You'll also get my 5 Cardio Killer Workouts to help you burn more fat and build more muscle for a strong and defined core. I've designed these workouts to perfectly go with the Core Burners AND the Bodyweight Booty Burners. The Cardio Killer program shows you how to combine all three into a longer, full-body, core intensive routine that will get you a KILLER defined core in 28 days!

So if you're ready to activate, strengthen and define your core, click below to get all of these great programs and guides TODAY:
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