The Workout "Secret" To Flat Abs And A Strong Core.
Yea yea yea....We've all heard abs are made in the kitchen.

And diet is 80% of the battle, heck you could argue even 100%, if you just want to lose weight...

BUT if you ignore your workouts and don't dial in your core training, you're going to be missing out on a key piece of the puzzle to finally achieve the flat abs and strong core you've always wanted!

Because that annoying stubborn belly fat, you just can't seem to shake, won't just disappear by cutting your calories and "eating well."

We can do all the cardio we want. Eat well. Heck, even try doing a bazillion  crunches and sit ups, without getting rid of that unwanted fat!

And it's because we are ignoring a key piece of the workout puzzle...a piece we've been told doesn't exist...


My name is Cori Lefkowith, owner of Redefining Strength. 

I'm going to share with you why "spot reduction" may be the reason you haven't been able to get the flat abs you've wanted from your diet and exercise program.

Now now....before you get all mad and click back thinking to yourself "Spot reduction doesn't exist!", let me share with you how it DOES and how we've been using it wrong!

First though...what is spot reduction?
What Is Spot Reduction?
We've all been told spot reduction doesn't exist.

And it's because we've been trying to use it incorrectly.

What do we traditionally think of when we think of SPOT REDUCTION?

We think...Do tons of movements targeting the fatty area and we will lose fat from that area.

Unfortunately it doesn't work exactly like that!

Doing only crunches or tricep extensions or any other isolation move WILL NOT get you the results you're looking for.
BUT spot reduction actually IS something we can use to our advantage to get the lean, flat abs we want!

So if spot reduction doesn't work in the way we've been trying to use it, how does spot reduction actually work?!?

Spot reduction is technically called SPOT LIPOLYSIS.

"Lipolysis" is basically the process of fat breakdown so it can be used often as energy.

SPOT lipolysis means the breakdown of fat into fatty acids in a SPECIFIC area.

So when we do isolation exercises focusing on a specific area, we can start the breakdown of fats from that area (aka spot lipolysis) because studies have shown that more fatty acids are mobilized from tissues surrounding the areas we are working. As the muscles in that area are warmed up, more fatty acids are mobilized from the surrounding areas.

But while these isolation exercises actually DO break down fat in those targeted areas, it doesn't then mean we actually UTILIZE those fatty acids that have been released.

And if we don't utilize those fatty acids? 

We don't lose fat!

So...How can spot reduction then actually work?
How Can Spot Reduction Actually Work?!
So say you found a way to UTLIZE those fatty acids that had been mobilized from the areas you wanted to target?

Could you then lose fat from more targeted areas?


So then how do you do this if not through isolation exercises alone?

You combine isolation exercises with the hybrid and compound moves that burn more calories and work more muscles at once as you even get your blood pumping! 

AKA you do the isolation moves, but you then follow them up with cardio or strength training that incorporates moves that work the LARGE muscles of your body!

Studies show that we mobilize more fatty acids from tissues surrounding muscles that have been warmed up. So if we do a move to TARGET an area, we can maximize the fatty acid mobilization from that area.

Once those fatty acids are mobilized, we then just need to actually USE them to LOSE THEM! 

And the best way to do that is through a workout that uses compound and hybrid strength training moves or cardio intervals! The more muscles you can work at once, the more you can put those fatty acids to use!

That is why in my Core Burner Workouts, I include not only moves to isolate and target that stubborn belly fat, but also include HIIT and Hybrid Training! It's why I created my 3-part burner system!
The Simple 3-Part Burner System:
Activate, Integrate, and Incinerate!'re now thinking, "Ok so if I do both isolation moves to target my lower ab bulge or love handles and then use hybrid exercises or cardio intervals I can start to target my belly fat?!"

YES! That's the basic gist of it!'s not a magic pill and going to make fat disappear overnight!

BUT ignoring the fact that you CAN use spot reduction to get BETTER RESULTS in LESS TIME when you've struggled to lose that stubborn fat is like using your shoe to beat in a nail (because can also do the job) when you've got a perfectly hammer right there.

Not near as effective OR as efficient! 
The best part too about spot reduction is that those isolation moves that help to target your belly fat can also be used to help ACTIVATE your abs and get those intrinsic core stabilizers working.

Using isolation moves in your core training program can help you get your glutes and abs working correctly so that your lower back doesn't take over!

Then once you've warmed up those muscles near the trouble zones you want to target, and you've gotten those abs and even glutes activated and working, you've got to Integrate! 

As I mentioned already, the way to utilize those fatty acids aka burn off our stubborn belly fat, is through hybrid or compound moves. You've got to get those large muscles groups working! And the more you can get working at once, especially if you are short on time, the better your results will be.

That is why compound, and even HYBRID, moves are so key. Compound exercises are great moves to work multiple large muscle groups at once and engage two or more joints. 

Hybrid Exercises, take it one step further even and are moves that COMBINE two or more exercises together that flow well with each other and allow you to work more muscles at once and even work your body in different planes of motion in a shorter amount of time.

When you integrate you help yourself get more benefit out of less time to build strength throughout your entire core!

And to get even faster results out of your core training program, you've got to use interval training to Incinerate the mobilize fatty acids and get better results in less time!

If you want to burn fat and even build a stronger core without spending hours in the gym, high intensity interval training needs to be a part of your training routine. 

Part of having a strong core means that the muscles of your core can be recruited quickly and efficiently AND endure the demands and stresses we place on them. HIIT is a great way to accomplish this.

By combining these 3 pieces into one Burner System, I've created a way to get clients killer results in just 10 minutes a day using just their own bodyweight!
Are You Ready To Get Flat Abs And A Stronger Core In Just 10-Minutes A Day?
 Get My 28-Day Core Burner Program!
In my Core Burner Program, I've laid everything out for you. I've tested the workouts and exercises myself and on my clients. 

This is 28 days of workouts that will target those common trouble zones - that muffin top or love handle area and lower belly bulge - to help you get rid of it without having to spend more time at the gym!

I use my 3-Part Burner System to Activate, Integrate and Incinerate that stubborn fat so you get the results you've been looking for in 28-Days. 

I'll help you strengthen your core from every direction and get flat abs in my 10 minute Burner Workouts!
And the best part?

You don't need any equipment!

All of these workouts require just your own bodyweight!

Using isolation exercises to activate and mobilize fatty acids then hybrid and compound moves to help utilize those fatty acids in my interval workouts, I'll help you get the results you've been looking for without you having to go to the gym for hours on end!

So if you're sick of wasting time with your core training program and ready to get strong, flat abs, it's time to start the 28-Day Core Burner program today!
What You'll Get With My 28-Day Core Burner Program...
You want the workouts that will complement your diet and help you finally get rid of the stubborn belly fat.

BUT you don't necessarily have a ton more time to spend working out. And maybe you even want something quick and easy you can do at home...

That is why I created 10-minute core burner workouts requiring just your own bodyweight. They can be done as part of your current routine, on recovery days or even as a program on their own. 
And they can even be done at home or when you travel! (Actually I LOVE this routine for when I travel because I can stay on track but still not take time out from relaxing!)

All of the routines come in an easy-to-follow e-book you can download to any device. AND the quick review images in the book help remind you of all of the movements in case you forget!

PLUS, if you are new to a move, you have access to a complete exercise library with videos, pictures and written descriptions of all of the moves to help guide you.

And on top of the 28-Day Core Burner Program, I'm going to give you my 5 Bodyweight Booty Burners. These bodyweight glute activation series will isolate and activate your glutes. You'll feel the BURN!

These are the perfect complement to the Core Burners to provide even extra glute activation because the glutes are an ESSENTIAL part of your core. And who doesn't want strong, sexy butt cheeks!?! ;-)

You'll also get my 5 Cardio Killer Workouts to help you burn more fat and build more muscle for strong flat abs and a defined core. I've designed these workouts to perfectly go with the Core Burners AND the Bodyweight Booty Burners. The Cardio Killer program shows you how to combine all three into a longer, full-body, core intensive routine that will get you a KILLER defined core in 28 days!

So if you're ready to strengthen your core and get flat abs , click below to get all of these great programs and guides TODAY:
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